We offer full service dentistry. A dental prophylaxis includes a thorough ultrasonic scaling, digital x-rays and polishing of all tooth surfaces. 

Dental health is very important for your pets too. Not only will their breath smell A LOT better but they will feel better also. Here is a before and after look at what we can do for your furry child.

We offer spays, neuters, and declaws at affordable prices. 

Please call for pricing. 


* Description follows*

Rb = Rabies          
Da2PP = Distemper, Parvo, Corona
Bord = Bordetella
FeLuk = Feline Leukemia
Fvrcp = Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia


If you like them long and floppy...that's great! 

But if you like them high and tight...we offer show ear crops!


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