Heartworm Prevention

We are excited to announce that we carry ProHeart 6

ProHeart 6 provides a unique option for heartworm prevention.  It is a sustained release product that is administered by the veterinarian and provides 6 months of heartworm protection in a single injection.


Flea Prevention

We offer a few different options for flea prevention. At this time we carry the following products...

Prescription Diet Food

We offer prescription diet foods at an affordable price. Please ask a staff member if they have any coupon's for Hill's Prescription Diet laying around as well!

^ or visit this website for a $5 coupon.

Hill's Prescription Diet, Metabolic, is a great weight loss food! Bessie, one of our clinic cats have lost 10 pounds eating the Metabolic. She absolutely loves the taste, and feels much better now. 

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